Neil Armstrong
    autographed 8x10 photo

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In the last 10 years, I've been collecting space related material (covers, photos, flown pieces) from all over the world, and I managed to collect around 8000 covers and more then 2000 photos. At the present moment, my collecting interests are only in US or Russian manned programs, since 1961 until today. As you will see, at this moment this is for sure one of the best collections in Europe, and surelly one of a kind in Portugal.

I'm still looking for rare signed and unsigned covers, specially from the early Russian space program. If you have anything special or unusual to trade or sell, drop a line in my e-mail (

I would like to congratulate many collectors and friends around the world, that help me on my quest to improve my collection, and they are: Jurgen Peter Esders (Belgium), Tom Steiner, Bob Glass, Mike Kleintank, Michael Petrushko, Irene Preobrazhenskaya, Donnis Willis, Dan Wawrzyniak, Alex Panchenko, Harry Rose, Don Roberts, Ravi Vora, Robert Berry, Seymour Rodman, Mark Fellows, Reuben Ramkissoon (all from U.S.A.), Sergey Rudas (Russia), Florian Noller, Roland Speth, H.R. Pfau, Carsten Fuchs (all from Germany), Finn Dynese (Denmark), Klaus Queisser (Canada), Matt Matzoll (Australia), Jiwu Wang (P.R. China), Jerzy Kazak (Poland) and S. Miura (Japan).


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