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Valeri Voloshin

Above: one signed cover from Valeri Voloshin, an early soviet unflown cosmonaut.

Following the Voskhod missions, and in preparation for the new Soyuz program, a large group of 28 young cosmonaut candidates arrived at the Start City in 1965. However, only 6 actually flew (Glazkov, Kizim, Klimuk, Rozhdestvensky, Sarafanov, Zudov), making this the largest refused/rejected group ever. The identities of the unflown cosmonauts were only revealed in late 1989.

Born on.. 24 Apr. 1942
Join Cosmonaut Team in: October 1965
As... Pilot
Left Cosmonaut Team in April 1969
Identity revealed at... Late 1989

Graduated from Chernigov Higher Air Force School, 1963; graduated from Gagarin Air Force Military Academy, Monino, 1976; Colonel, Soviet Air Force, Res.; was selected as cosmonaut on 23.10.1965 (TsPK-3); OKP (cosmonaut basic training): 11/65 - 12/67; he was involved in the Soviet Lunar Landing Program; retired of medical reasons; after several military assignments (Belarus, Iraq, Afghanistan) he worked at operational staff of the Military Academy, St.Petersburg; in 1994 he retired from active duty and became director of a construction company.




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