500rs King Carlos I
    Portugal (silver), 1898

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Sancho I (1185-1211)

Sancho I of Portugal, known as the Populator (Port. o Povoador), second king of Portugal, was born on November 11, 1154 in Coimbra and died on March 26, 1212 in the same city. He was the son of Afonso I Henriques of Portugal by his wife, Mafalda of Savoy. Sancho succeeded his father in 1185.

With the death of Afonso I in 1185, Sancho I became the second king of Portugal. Coimbra was the centre of his kingdom; Sancho terminated the pointless wars against his neighbours for control of the Galician borderlands. Instead, he turned all his attentions to the South, against the Moorish communities that still thrived. With Crusader help he took Silves in 1191. Sancho ordered the fortification of the city and built a castle that is today an important monument of Portuguese heritage.

Sancho I dedicated much of his reign to political and administrative organization of the new kingdom. He accumulated a national treasure, supported new industries and the middle class of merchants. Moreover, he created several new towns and villages and took great care in populating remote areas in the northern Christian regions of Portugal, notably with Flemings and Burgundians – hence the nickname the Populator. The king was also known for his love of knowledge and literature. Sancho I wrote several books of poems and used the royal treasure to send Portuguese boys to study in European Universities.


Sancho I (1185 - 1211)

Mealha. Obverse: REX SANCIVS. Reverse: PO RT VG AL.




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