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Sancho II (1223-1247)

Sancho II of Portugal, the Pious (Port. o Capelo), fourth king of Portugal, born in September 8, 1207 in Coimbra, was the oldest son of Afonso II of Portugal by his wife, princess Urraca of Castile. Sancho became king in 1223 and was succeeded by his brother, king Afonso III in 1247.

Sancho II priority was the Reconquista, the conquest of the southern Iberian Peninsula to the Moors. From 1236 onwards, Sancho II conquered several cities in Algarve and Alentejo, securing the Portuguese position in the region. Sancho II proved a capable commander but with regard to equally important administrative issues he was less competent. With his total attention focused on military campaigns, the ground was open for internal disputes. The nobility was displeased by the king's conduct and started to conspire against him. The archbishop of Porto made a formal complaint to the Pope about the state of the affairs. Since the Church was the super power of the 13th century, the Pope felt free to issue a bull ordering the Portuguese to choose themselves a new king to replace the so-called heretic.

In 1246 recalcitrant nobles invited Sancho's brother Afonso, then living in France as Count of Boulogne, to take the throne. Afonso immediately abdicated from his French possessions and marched into Portugal. Sancho II was removed from the throne in 1247 and fled to exile in Toledo where he died in January 4, 1248.


Sancho II (1223 - 1247)

Dinheiro. Obverse: REX SANCIVS. Reverse: PO RT VG AL.




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