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Afonso III (1247-1279)

Afonso III of Portugal, the Bolognian (Port. o Bolonhês) or the Brave (Port. o Bravo), the fifth king of Portugal (May 5, 1210 in Coimbra – February 16, 1279 in Alcobaça, Coimbra or Lisbon). He was the son of King Afonso II and his wife, Urraca of Castile; he succeeded his brother, King Sancho II in 1247.

Determined not to commit the same mistakes as his brother, Afonso III paid special attention to what the middle class composed of merchants and small land owners had to say. In 1254, in the city of Leiria, he held the first session of the Cortes, a general assembly, comprised of the nobility, the middle class and representatives of all municipalities. He also made laws intended to restrain the upper classes from abusing the least favoured part of the population. Remembered as a notable administrator, Afonso III founded several towns, granted the title of city to many others and reorganized public administration.

Secure on the throne, Afonso III then proceeded to make war with the Muslim communities that thrived in the south. In his reign the Algarve became part of the kingdom following the capture of Faro. Following his success against the Moors, Afonso III had to deal with a political situation arising from the borders. Castile considered that the newly acquired lands of Algarve should be Castilian, not Portuguese, which led to a series of wars between the countries. Finally, in 1267, a treaty was signed determining that the southern border between Castile and Portugal should be the River Guadiana, as it is today.

Afonso III (1247 - 1279)

Dinheiro. Obverse: ALFONSVS REX. Reverse: PO RT VG AL.




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