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Afonso V (1438-1481)

Afonso V of Portugal, the African (Port. o Africano), thirteenth king of Portugal was born in Sintra in January 15, 1432 and died in the same city in August 28, 1481. He was the oldest son of king Duarte of Portugal by his wife, princess Eleanor of Aragon. Afonso V was onlly six years old when he succeeded his father in 1438.

Afonso V main policies were concerned with avoiding the development of great noble houses, kingdoms inside the kingdom, and concentrating power in the person of the king. The country prospered under his rule, but not peacefully, as his laws interfered with the ambition of powerful nobles.

Afonso V turned his attentions to the North of Africa. In his grandfather's (king Joćo I) reign, Ceuta had been conquered to the king of Morocco, now the new king wanted to expand the conquests. The king's army conquered Alcacer Ceguer (1458), Tangiers (won and lost several times between 1460 and 1464) and Arzila (1470). This achievements granted the king the nickname of African. The king also supported the exploration of the Atlantic Ocean led by prince Henry the Navigator but, after Henry's death in 1460 he did nothing to pursue this course of action. Administratively, Afonso V was an absent king, since he did not pursue development of laws or commerce, preferring to stand with the legacy of his father and grandfather.

Afonso V (1438 - 1481)

1/2 Real Preto. Obverse: AVDITORIVM. Reverse: ALFONSVS.

Afonso V (1438 - 1481)

Ceitil. Obverse: AVDITORIVM. Reverse: ALFONSVS.




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