500rs King Carlos I
    Portugal (silver), 1898

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Manuel I (1495-1521)

Manuel I, the Fortunate (Port. o Venturoso), 14th king of Portugal and Algarves (Alcochete, May 31, 1469 – December 13, 1521 in Lisbon) was the son of Prince Ferdinand of Portugal, duke of Viseu, by his wife, Beatrice of Aveiro, princess of Portugal. His mother was the granddaughter of King John I of Portugal; his father was son of King Duarte of Portugal. Manuel succeeded his first cousin John II of Portugal who was also his brother-in-law in 1495.

Manuel grew up among the conspiracies of the aristocratic high nobility against king John II. He watched many people being killed and exiled. His older brother Diego, the duke of Viseu, was murdered by the king himself. Thus, when receiving a royal order in 1493 to present himself to the king, Manuel had every reason to worry. Without reason: John II wanted to name him heir to the throne, after the death of his son, prince Afonso of Portugal, and the failed attempts to legitimise George, Duke of Coimbra, his illegitimate son. As a result of this stroke of luck he was nicknamed the Fortunate.

Manuel would prove a worthy successor to John II, supporting the Portuguese exploration of the Atlantic Ocean and the development of Portuguese commerce. During his reign, the following was achieved:

1498 — Vasco da Gama discovers the maritime route to India
1500 — Pedro Álvares Cabral discovers Brazil
1505 — Francisco de Almeida becomes the first viceroy of India

Manuel I (1495 - 1521)

Tostão (silver). Obverse: IN HOC SIGNO VINCES. Reverse: I:EMANVEL:R:P:ET:A:D:GVINE.

Manuel I (1495 - 1521)

Vintem (silver). Obverse: I:EMANVEL:R:P:ET:A:D:G. Reverse: I:EMANVEL:R:P:ET:A:D:G.

Manuel I (1495 - 1521)

Ceitil. Obverse: EMANVEL:R:P:ET:A:D. Reverse: EMANVEL:R:P:ET:A:D:G.




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