500rs King Carlos I
    Portugal (silver), 1898

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António I (1580)

Anthony I (Lisbon, 1531 – Paris, August 26, 1595), known by The Prior of Crato (and, rarely, as The Determined, The Fighter or The Independentist), was a grandson of Manuel I, claimant of the Portuguese throne during the 1580 crisis (struggle for the throne of Portugal) and, according to some historians, King of Portugal and Algarves (during a short time in 1580, in the continent, and since then until 1583, in the Azores Islands).

Antonio tried to win the Portuguese people to his cause, comparing the current situation to the one of 1385. Then, just like in 1580, the king of Castile invoked arguments of blood nature to inherit the Portuguese throne; and like in 1580, the Master of Aviz (John I), illegitimate son of King Peter I, claimed his rights to the throne that ended in victory for Portugal in the Aljubarrota and in the Cortes of Coimbra in 1385.

In July 24, 1580, Antonio proclaimed himself King of Portugal in Santarém which followed by popular acclamation in several locations of the country. However, he governed in the continent for only 20 days, culminating in his defeat in the Battle of Alcântara by the Spanish armies led by the Duke of Alba on August 25.

After the above event, he attempted to rule Portugal from Terceira Island, in the Azores, where he established an opposition government to the Spanish occupation (ocupación) that lasted until 1583, and which even minted coin — a typical act of sovereignty and royalty. Because of that, many authors consider him the last monarch of the House of Aviz (instead of Cardinal-King Henry) and the 18th King of Portugal.

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