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Charles Conrad

Charles Conrad

Born on: 2 Jun 1930
Join NASA in: 17 Sep 1962
Current status: died 8 Jul 1999
Spaceflight Position Date
Gemini 5 Pilot 21.08. - 29.08.1965
Gemini 11 Cmdr 12.09. - 15.09.1966
Apollo 12 Cmdr 14.11. - 24.11.1969
Skylab 2 Cmdr 25.05. - 22.06.1973
Spaceflight experience:
Astronaut Charles "Pete" Conrad was selected for the NASA space program in 1962, eventually becoming the third man to walk on the moon. Born June 2, 1930, in Philadelphia, PA, Conrad received an aeronautical engineering degree from Princeton, and then entered the Navy, where he trained as a naval aviator.

His first space flight was Gemini V, which established the space endurance record and placed the United States in the lead for man-hours in space. As commander of Gemini XI, Conrad helped to set a world's altitude record. He then served as commander of Apollo XII, the second lunar landing. In his final mission he served as commander of Skylab II, the first United States Space Station. During the 28-day Skylab flight in May-June 1973, Conrad established a personal endurance record for time in space by bringing his total flight time to 1,179 hours and 38 minutes. He called this last mission in space the most satisfying, working to repair the damage Skylab suffered during its liftoff.

After retiring from NASA and the Navy in 1973 with the rank of Captain, Conrad worked for American Television and Communications Corp. in Denver and McDonnell Douglas Corp., the aviation manufacturer. He was awarded the Congressional Space Medal of Honor, two NASA Distinguished Service Medals, two NASA Exceptional Service Medals, two Navy Distinguished Service Medals and two Distinguished Flying Crosses. He was enshrined in the Aviation Hall of Fame in 1980.

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